When you financially give to Thread Church, your donation will enable us to care and minister to our neighborhood and sow into local partnerships. Thread Church is a 501c3 non-profit, and all financial donations are tax deductible. You can give online, by text or by mail. 


Our monthly budget is $4565 which includes the lease, utilities, all operating costs, as well as supplies for the events and gatherings. 10% of our budget goes directly into supporting local oragnizations already meeting the needs within Seattle, and another 10% goes into savings so we are able to meet future needs that may arise. Please note, currently no funds given go toward salaries so that we can sow and invest as much as possible into the city of Seattle. Thank you for your generosity. 

Facility: $2750
Insurance: $65
Utilities: $150
Internet: $80
2 Events/4 Sunday Gatherings: $500
Communication: $300
Thread Community Gift: 10% of whatever donations come in or a minimum of $360
Savings: 10% of whatever donations come in or a minimum of $360